Cookies policy


  1. We use cookies containing the so-called session ID to monitor visits and to recognize visitors to our website.

  2. The cookies that are processed analyze anonymous information about the use of the website. These are web analytics tools. Cookies help to improve the functionality of the website and adapt it better to the expectations and needs of visitors. The tools collect anonymous information, note trends on the site without identifying individual persons. These cookies are used to store information, e.g. whether the visitor has been to the website before.

  3. Each person viewing the website should manage cookies by modifying the settings of their web browser. If you do not want to use them, you can prevent cookies from being saved on your device or permanently delete the saved files. Please be advised that this may, however, deteriorate the quality of your experience with our website by not collecting Cookies and reading information on their basis.

  4. Detailed information on the necessary cookies that we use:

  • __language: Country code (language) in the browser of the Candidate visiting the website (1 year)

  • appm-instance: Name of the domain under which the website operates (1 year)

  • _candidateCSRF: CSRF token protecting against uncontrolled execution of operations (session duration)

  • _frontendSessionID: User session ID (per session)

  • _backendSessionID: ID of the user's session using the company's recruitment panel (session duration)

  • cookieconsent_status: Status of closing the window with information about Cookies